Antologia mamaluca – 1994

Antologia Mamaluca (untranslatable title). In Giramundo’s workshop in the XXVI Winter Festival in Ouro Preto (a historical village in the state of Minas Gerais), the group promoted an amusing and mythical meeting of two entities that have been interacting for centuries: puppet theater and satyrical poetry. Starting with the text of the poet Sebastião Nunes, Giramundo staged its own version of the “Antologia Mamaluca” using ragged and very thin-looking puppets made of wires and shreds. The political and social criticism, the squib and scatology present in the poems build na universe of decadence and rottenness inhabited by drunks and prostitutes, poets and corrupt politicians, translated by different manipulation techniques: grotesque marionettes on a string, giant inhabitable dummys, shadows and body prostheses. The fragility of the construction explains the loss of most of the puppets in this show.

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