Saci-Pererê – 1973

Two staged puppet shows later, the young Giramundo team travels to France in 1972 to take part in the World Festival of Charleville-Mézières and in the UNIMA (Union International de la Marionnette) congress. After meeting with a multiplicity of techniques, groups, shows, exhibitions, classes and bibliography, Giramundo returns to Brazil with new references for creating its shows. It’s within this context of artistic eferverscence and new horizons of technical resources that the group stages its third play: “Saci-Pererê”, a show of culture and folklore from the inland of Minas Gerais, its music, its festivities and dances, and its characters, like Saci and Pedro Malasartes. Saci-Pererê is a mythical figure of a one-legged small black humanoid whose feet are backwards and smokes a pipe. He lives in the forest and protects it. Pedro Malasartes is a hero of old Brazilian literature for kids.

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